Ballistic Basics

Ballistic Basics

Ballistic Basics allows you to analyze and understand ballistic information
  • Is there a current version of "Ballistic Basics" available?
    There is a new version of this product that is compatible with Windows 7. Please use the following link and download the required package.


Ballistic Basics allows you to analyze and understand a wide range of ballistic information.
Ballistic Basics is perfect for hunters and target shooters who want to enhance their accuracy and performance. This software helps you visualize how different ammunition combinations can affect your ability to hit a target without having to interpret traditional ballistic tables.

Main Features:
- Interior and Exterior Ballistics with Complete Reloading Support.
- Includes current BC tables and boxed ammunition specifications.
- You can also calculate BC values for unknown or unlisted bullets in three separate ways.
- You can compare up to 5 loads at a time.
- Create and print box labels and check lists.

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